Judges and Lawyers have broken from the Constitution and operate state & federal Courts and Agencies as criminal enterprises where the Abuse and Divorce Industries use false allegations of abuse, secret hearings, illegally altered transcripts, edited hearing tapes, doctored dockets and manipulated files to usurp the judicial process and deny victims fair tribunals, due process and jury trials. The lawyers of the Obama/Holder Dept. of Justice (DOJ) use fraud to cover up Human Trafficking of Children, Seniors and the Physically/Mentally Challenged for Profit and allow false arrests, false imprisonment, forced psychiatric incarceration - while bankrupting the country by plundering state and federal funds


JusticeforFamilies & Forensic Engineers and Investigators (F.E.I.) can help get your kids (or seniors) back!        Our Successes: Boston Globe's "Mr. Mom" cleared of abuse allegations, wins custody of daughter, Rebecca Rohrs' judge removed from bench, Gerry Coviello beats criminal prosecution and wins civil rights lawsuit, Denise Bruns cleared of abduction allegations, MA Judge Boorstein forced into retirement, more to come.....

The Abuse and Divorce Industries = Human Trafficking for profit in state courts under color of law


Federal Courts alter transcripts and dockets to protect state judges and lawyers' schemes - Exhibits 1, 2, 3 & 4      Obama/Holder DOJ uses fraud on DOJ letterhead to Cover up Alteration of Transcripts &  Dockets   Exhibits 5a-f      Obama/Holder DOJ  Covers up alteration of city, state and federal government records by Democrat elected officials           Obama Appointee, US Attorney Carman Ortiz, Allows Alteration of Transcripts and Dockets in US Courts                   FBI Director Mueller allows judges and clerks to alter records in   state and US Courts (See Exhibits 1-4 above)           FBI denies jurisdiction over illegally altered US District Court transcripts and dockets - Exhibits 5a-5f                      US Marshals Service denies jurisdictional authority over crimes in US Courts they "protect" Exhibit 5j                US Marshals aid judges that alter transcripts and dockets ( Letter - Reply Exhibit 5j)                                     DOJ-Office of Inspector General denies jurisdictional authority over crimes by FBI Agents (Exhibits 5g, h, i & k)   FBI, US Marshals, US Attorneys and DOJ-OIG deny any responsibility to uphold Constitution (DOJ Letters)         FBI Agent Sliney falsifies Agency reports to cover up the alteration of court records to kidnap children  

Obama Admin. funds Human Rights Violations against fathers, traditional families and children - to benefit lawyers, courts and states!

Court Crimes: Used to Usurp the Judicial Process, and Deny and Obstruct Justice (Deconstructing America part one  part two video of lawyers, judges, victims and expert advocates revealing judicial crimes   Secret Hearings - Removing Material Testimony from Hearing Tapes or Transcripts - Failing to Place Evidence Submitted to Judge in Case File - Doctoring the Docket - Refusing to Docket Rulings - Refusing to Accept Certain Motions - Stifling Presentations - "Losing" Files or Reports - Denying Evidentiary Hearings - Denying Jury Trials - Appointing GAL's or Masters to Perform Prejudiced Investigations

Hate Legislation Funds and Targets Crimes Against Fathers, Traditional Families and their Children

Hate Organizations Lobby Government to Pass and Fund Hate Legislation Targetting Fathers and their Children       

Shrink an Out-of-Control Government - De-Fund Hate Legislation that Targets families with financial rewards for Judges, lawyers, states...

Newspaper & Magazine Articles, Web Sites, Symposiums and Novels – the Kidnapping of Ian McLarnon          Middlesex County Court Charged With Corruption by Ed OliverMass News                                                          Father Proves That Court Tapes Were Altered by Ed Oliver - Mass News also on Legally Kidnapped site                            It's Possible To Tamper With Tapes In Middlesex Probate Court by Ed Oliver Mass News                               Social Workers Discredit Court's Report; Give Startling Admissions Ed Oliver MassNews                                              Douglas' Company Is Infamous to Fathers by Ed Oliver Mass News                                                     State of Massachusetts is Main Impediment to Justice by Greg Hession, JD Mass News                                                     SJC Justice Upset with Problems in Probate Court, But Tells Father to Complain to Chief of Probate Court First   by Ed Oliver Mass News     Another Father Was Punished For Doing What Judge Langlois Suggested by Ed Oliver Mass News                                   Father Sues Mass. Court Officials In Federal Court for "Kidnapping Son" by Ed Oliver Mass News & Published byAmerican Family Rights Association Web Site & parentsinaction.net                                      MASSOUTRAGE - Outrageous Restraining Order Cases by Greg Hession, JD & Founder MASSOUTRAGE           What God has Joined Together Dr. Stephen Baskerville, Political Science Professor and author       Divorced Against His Will by Dr. Stephen Baskerville                                                                                                                          The Politics of Family Destruction, CRISIS Magazine Dr. Stephen Baskerville, Prof. Political Science at Howard University and Patrick Henry College   Mens News Daily  Catholic Marriage Petition web site                                               The Truth About Child Abuse by Dr. Stephen Baskerville  Published by Human Events                                                      Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family,  Novel Dr. Stephen Baskerville Published by Cumberland House                                                                                                                                                                                                            Idaho Observer:Whistleblower Puts Virginia Supreme Court on Trial by Ed Truncellito, JD     Also Jail4Judges web site  Putting Justices On Trial by Ed Truncellito Washington Times                                                                                                                                   Fathers with no rights by Dr. Stephen Baskerville – ECC – ECCLESIASTIC COMMONWEALTH COMMUNITY Web Site   Massachusetts Courts Need 'Sweeping Changes' Says Prestigious Panel by Ed Oliver

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